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“After attending the Permaculture Design Course in Uganda I am now 100 percent certain that Permaculture is the answer to some or all of the problems that we face as poor rural communities and as African countries.
Permaculture is a system where small to medium scale farmers  practice agriculture in tandem with their surrounding nature.
It is a design system for sustainable food production and habitats linking ecology, culture, economics, and society to sustain agricultural productivity and biodiversity, promoting viable farming communities.
Through careful observation and interaction, Permaculture aims to create systems that use resources efficiently, minimising inputs and maximizing outputs whilst regenerating the natural environment, building soil fertility and regenerating water tables.”
  — Evans after his Permaculture Design Course in Uganda

Since Evans returned to the project, he and the rest of the team is very busy working at the projects property.

  • They managed to repair more than 3/4 of the fence of the property, in order to protect the new planted seedlings from goats and cattle:

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  • They planted more than hundred seedlings of different types of fruit trees (donated by the local community):

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We now need to raise funds for water storage tanks and a drip irrigation system.

Because we are a non-profit charity organisation,
our work, the further development and success of the project solely depends on support from the outside.
Therefore we would highly appreciate and are more than grateful if you could consider a donation.

Thank you very much!


For donations in €

Marlon Christ

IBAN:    DE98430609671177157201


For donations in US$

Mangwende Orphan Care Trust

Account number:      1070211600199

BIC:                                FBCPZWHAXXX

Country:                       Zimbabwe

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