News from the Project III

Evans and the rest of the project team are busy working at the project.
Today we want to share with you the newest developments.

We managed to plant 100 banana seedlings in 5 plots as well as pawpaw seedlings and 20 mangoe seedlings.
Macadamia nut, coconut, orange, peaches and other fruit trees are on our planting list as well and are coming soon.

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Evans was visited by a delegation from the Evangelical Church.
They want to partner with our organisation to look after orphans and vulnerable children.
We now need an office and internet access because quite a lot is happening.


The young man in the photo is not going to school.

He is now moulding bricks to make ends meet.

These are some of the vulnerable children that we are trying to help:

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We now want to appeal for funding for separate projects under:

1. Water source – borehole installation

2. Power source – solar panels

3. Poultry project – meat source and income generation

4. Premises / Buildings – completion of building

5. Food Production – farming inputs and equipment

6. Sports Club – sports equipment


To all our supporters:

Thank you very much for your gernous support!

Without your donations we wouldn’t be able to make all this happen.

In deep gratitude,

Marlon, Evans and the project team.






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