Feeding Program

The number of children under our feeding program has increased from 30 to 1304.
Watch the video below:

The school has put their garden at our disposal.

We’re going to teach the children organic farming, regenerative farming, natural farming and aquaculture.

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The video below shows our 4 hectares land:

Because we are a non-profit charity organisation,
our work, the further development and success of the project solely relies on financial support from the outside.

In order to support the work, aims and visions of the Mangwende Orphan Care Trust please consider a donation.

We highly appreciate and are more than grateful for your support!

 Your support will:

  • enable us to implement our projects in order to bring positive change to the trust and the whole community

  • contribute greatly to the development and success of the project

  • improve the life of orphans and vulnerable children, as well as of many other people

 Thank you very much!

For donations in €
Marlon Christ
Country: Germany

For donations in US$
Mangwende Orphan Care Trust
Account number:
Country: Zimbabwe



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