News from the project V

We have started to plant some of our fruit trees and some of our seeds started to germinate.
We are now into the rainy season, but so far we are behind the expected amount of rainfall again, unfortunately.

However, we have brilliant news: after yet another attempt, we found water digging at 10m depth! 
So we will have clean water to drink! Therefore we can stay in the huts and continue the fencing and land preparations!

As the fencing of the big plot finished and plantation is well under way, we are looking at the next steps to maintain the crops. We have a well that now provides us water, but we need to implement a solar irrigation system and drill a borehole, to be able to water the crops after the rainy season as the next step to implement our vision of creating a permaculture education centre.
We are currently looking at irrigation systems and raising funds for it, also for solar pumps.

Furthermore we have now finished the second hut for the workers, the construction of the third hut will be starting soon.
Some of the trees had been planted on the small plot (by digging big holes and filling up with compost).

We are ready to start land design and tree planting next week.
We are planning to dig swales and build earth dams first and then start planting trees.
We are still at the lookout for nut trees, mangoes, guava, litchis, oranges, perennial herbs, and herbal trees, chop-and-drop-plants and other nitrogen fixing plants.
We also want to try new varieties of trees from different continents if we can find them.

The project had also been registered as an iLand permaculture centre, a busy year ahead!

Please support our effort by donating and sharing!
Thank you very much!

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