Crop Growth and Solar Pumps

While we are all worried about the outcome of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and pray for our beloved ones, one thing we certainly can do is to plant some crops to support ourselves and if we have the opportunity, others!

That’s what the Mangwende Orphan Care Trust does, too!

The seeds and plants that had been planted in the past months are looking fantastic!
What a lot of effort gone into this project so far and so great to see the results of their hard work!

Look at all those banana, papaya and moringa trees!

The sweet potatoes and cabbages doing well, too!

On his return from South Africa Evans Mangwende brought some more cabbage and onion seeds which will be planted this week.
He also managed to bring some solar pumps with him – one of them will be able to provide water from the river 500m away!

DC Solar Pump

We only need three more solar panels to make the system work!

Evans’s team will start the construction of the stand for the water tank this week, where they can pump the water up for draughtier times.

Looking forward to more progress in the coming weeks!

Keep safe and healthy!

– Victoria Szilvás, project management

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