Growing update – November

Our over 10 000 seedlings are doing well. We have germinated them ourselves and include avocado, Kenyan croton and musasa seedlings are doing well under the care of three dedicated staff.
The indigenous musasa trees will provide shade when fully grown. It is also resistant to bushfires. It can be used for furniture; tool making; firewood and as animal fodder.
Kenyan croton has multiple uses. It can grow up to 36m high and drought resistant. The nuts can be used to produce oil, but inedible. Although, it’s bark, seeds, roots and leaves are used for medical purposes, such as stomach ailments, malaria, wound clotting and pneumonia.
The leaves and nuts have high nitrogen content that can be used for mulching and fertilisers.
At the moment they will be acting as wind shield during the very cold winters that we are experiencing, but we are going to substitute most of them using fruit trees.

Avocado and Kenyan Croton for the food forest. Hopefully this time we are not going to loose these during the winter season.

We are also busy designing our food forest, as we have more than 2000 fruit trees to be planted before the end of the rain season. We will also be working in zone 1 around our buildings and if things go as planned we are working on methods to be able to start harvesting water on the ground.

Musasa trees

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