A home in a regenerative farm for orphaned children in rural Zimbabwe

Buy-A-Brick, Campaign Final In the midst of the Zimbabwean economic crisis (2019) a vision emerged to provide shelter for orphaned children, support the vulnerable and elderly through regenerative food growing practices. The idea of a replicable model of an Orphanage and Farmer Field School was born. Our mission is to provide:  A place for orphaned children to thrive. A place where…

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The Mangwende Orphan Care Trust – is a locally driven project which seeks to reverse family disintegration resulting from the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS, poverty and diseases consequently leading to countless numbers of orphans and child headed families.
The project is thus driven by the community itself where the project coordinator and board meet with local community leadership to ascertain their needs and work to facilitate provision of those needs.

The project is a non-denominational and non-governmental charity project which has no formal relationship with any grouping, but seeks to interact with all churches as well as bodies and individuals who share the same vision.
It will help children regardless of race, color, religion or sex especially in areas of providing education, health care, counseling, supplementary feeding, spiritual and moral guidance and life survival skills.

We have come to the conclusion that sustainable farming is the backbone of our project