A home in a regenerative farm for orphaned children in rural Zimbabwe

Buy-A-Brick, Campaign Final

In the midst of the Zimbabwean economic crisis (2019) a vision emerged to provide shelter for orphaned children, support the vulnerable and elderly through regenerative food growing practices. The idea of a replicable model of an Orphanage and Farmer Field School was born.

Our mission is to provide: 

A place for orphaned children to thrive. A place where humans regain their knowledge to feed themselves off the land and live in harmony with nature. A place to access education and learn new skills. A centre to learn about regenerative ways of agriculture. A community using decentralised digital currency.

Would you like to be part of our journey? 

You can help us build a pilot orphan village, starting with 5 huts to host 10 children and their carers with kitchen facilities here, at the Mangwende Orphan Care Trust

Apart from providing shelter, these sustainable built housings are designed with environmental friendly features such as rainwater collection, solar power and compost toilets. The walls of the first hut are already standing waiting for thatching grass and openings. The bricks are being produced locally, with natural materials and we are in the process of starting the moulding of another 20 000 bricks for the next huts.

Because of the difficult conditions, aggravated by the Covid pandemic, we are urgently seeking funds for this construction so we can finally host the first orphans by September!

Raising $13 800 would enable us to build the remaining 2 single huts and 1 double hut for this initial stage. A single hut would provide shelter for two orphans or one carer ($2800/hut) and a double hut for 4 orphans ($4100/hut) *full details below.

We are inviting you to support our pledge and help this noble vision to come true, and you can get rewarded for your generosity. 

MOCT has adopted a regenerative digital currency called SEEDS (https://joinseeds.earth/) in our local communities, to help achieve a stable currency and keep money in the local community.  

By donating $20 (or its multiples) you are not only supporting our cause, but we give you the opportunity to be part of the SEEDS community and as gratitude we will match your donations with the corresponding value in Seeds. 

If you are already a member of SEEDS and you would like to receive your Seeds reward for this donation, please add your SEEDS account name to the ‘note’ field when donating.

If you are new to SEEDS, but would like to be part of this vibrant regenerative community, please email us on: „brickseeds.moct@gmail.com“ and you will receive an invite by email containing your Seeds reward and information on how to create a SEEDS account.

Thank you for supporting us in our journey to achieve our vision.

*Indicative quantities required for a small hut:

Bricks: 10 000 pcs
Thatching grass: 3000 bundles
Nr of windows: 6 pcs
Nr of doors: 4 pcs

Some indication on prices:
£3 would enable us to buy 100 bricks
£5 would pay for 25 bundles of thatching grass
£10 for a box of tiles for the bathrooms
£15 for a slim window
£25 for a door

Please donate here:

Donate with PayPal

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