Harvesting and a Borehole

Dear Supporters,

As always there is a lot going on at the Mangwende Orphan Care Trust.

We have just started the harvest on the smaller (4.8ha) plot and we feel blessed that after two years of drought we have a good harvest this year.
We still have a long way to go before we finish as we we still have more than 1,5 hectares of Land to be harvested.

We hope that we will be able to support a lot of orphans and vulnerable children from the produce this year.

We have come to the end of the rain season, so we will continue with the brick moulding work and construction of more houses.
We going to be purchase thatching grass for the one that is already finished and for those that are going to be constructed.

We are also initiating with local schools to be involved more in regenerative agriculture, starting with tree planting by the school children. So far two schools agreed to participate.

Furthermore please celebrate with us today at this milestone:

We now have water on site!

Aqua Logic surveyed our site on the 22nd of April taking 5 survey drilling and advised that at about 110m we have a favorable groundwater potential.

The drilling was done on the 30th of April and as you can see we have a very welcomed result.

The borehole will provide clean water for cooking and drinking for the about 150 people in the local area as well as to the orphanage.

We are continuing to use water collecting and water saving measures for irrigation purposes.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our project.

-by Viktoria Szilvas, teammember

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