Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe

About 750 people lost their lives as Cyclone Idai ravaged through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe between 14 – 15 March.
An estimated 2 million people are believed to be affected as towns and villages were wiped out.
Sadly, the timing and target could not have been worse, hitting already vulnerable communities in some of the continent’s poorest countries just before harvesting season.


Following the report of Evans Mangwende (head of the trust):

It is with a heavy heart that I submit this gloomy report. Please find abridged update on the impact of Cyclone Idai.


1. Mutare – Chimanimani Road.
# 1st barrier is at Umvumvumvu bridge after Mhandarume before ‘Matsororo’. Therefore, one cannot reach Mutambara/Gonzoni or Lydia Chimonyo/Nedziwe by road.
# It is also reported that the bridge across the same river between Lydia Chimonyo n Nedziwe is damaged. No cars were passing over it today bcz the river was flowing over.
# Unconfirmed reports also indicate that the bridge across Biriiri river after Bumba (pamuUyu) might have been swept away.
# Bridge just before Charter estate factory is reported swept away.

Therefore, the furthest vehicles can go from Wengezi is up to Mhandarume!

2. Mutare to Chipinge Town
# Bridge along loop road through Tanganda Halt business centre was swept away.
# Main road bridge
across Tanganda river is in good condition.
# Tanganda to Checheche – no report of damaged bridge received. It is therefore possible to drive from Mutare to Checheche, Chisumbanje
# Tanganda – Chipinge. Problems at Bond, ~18km from Chipinge town where the road is giving in under the weight of heavy trucks. Bus stuck there the whole day since morning. 4 x 4 WD vehicles have managed to pass. Beyond this point access to Chipinge is clear

3. Chipinge to Chimanimani
# Jopa turnoff to Skyline. The road is passable past Silverstreams factory n a further 5km before getting to a point where 3/4 of the road was washed away. It’s dangerous to try to pass through what remains of the road

Therefore, from Chipinge one ends before they get to Skyline

4. Chipinge to Copper/Kopa
# No information but bcz road is dirt so chances are the road is not passable in this wet weather. Both Rusitu n Nyahoda rivers are in flood so the villagers at Kopa n beyond are not accessible.

B. FATALITIES (161 confirmed)

1. Charles Lwanga Seminary – 3
2. Nedziwe – 1 man was swept away yesterday after swimming across Umvumvumvu to collect his debt. On his way back he was swept by the raging river
3. Ngangu township – at least 67
4. Kopa – at least 100
4. Death toll is expected to rise, many people are still reported missing especially in Ngangu, Kopa n Kurwaisimba area.


# Many people with figures ranging to as many as 80 are said to be requiring urgent medical attention in Chimanimani n Chipinge. Two army helicopters airlifted some injured people to Mutambara Mission hospital today.

D DESTROYED HOUSES, > 2000houses

1. Ngangu township in Chimanimani,
2. Kopa Business Centre
3. Kurwaisimba villages
4. Chipinge Town
5. Chipinge East constituency, >250houses
6. Chief Mapungwana area


1. Civil Protection Unit – National Team comprising Shiri, Matiza, Nzenza descended into the two districts today. Helicopters airlifted some of the dead and those injured.
# Provincial n District teams in place. Local MPs n Clrs are playing active roles to collect information n co-ordinate support.
# Chipinge district’s doser cleared Jopa Skyline road of trees
# Forestry companies are helping with chainsaws n other equipment to clear roads among many other services they are offering.
# NGOs, Churches, Pvt companies, Well-wishers n Ordinary citizens are working together to mobilise support. There is need for proper coordination of the the donations to ensure effective deployment of the support to the needy. Risk of abuse must be guarded against by ALL citizens.

PS. Other areas affected

Besides Chipinge n Chimanimani reports of damage were also received from:
1. Mutare Central – Sakubva
2. Chikanga Dangamvura – Federation, Mahalape, Gimboki
3. Mutare North – Odzi n Dora area
4. Buhera South –
5. Mutasa Central – Mutsamba (W10) n Chidzinzwa (W19) villages n Ward 20

Praying for those affected to be consoled, healed n restored by the Lord.


We would highly appriciate your support of our crowdfunding campaign:

“Weʼre raising £2,500 to Help Victims of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe”

Tank you very much.

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