News from the project IV

Despite the devastating cyclone Idai last month Evans and the project team continued working on the development of the project.

At this point we have to thank again all our supporters from all around the world for their consistent support.
Your support enabled us to continue our work and is the reason for all the great and hopeful achievements we made together for the project in the last months.
Thank you very much!
Most recently:
  • Evans and the team developed the cabbage plot:

  • Evans bought a number of fruit trees (bananas, mangoes, avocados, guavas) for the food forrest and some other plants (ginger & curry) for the herbal garden from the Honde Valley:

  • We now have 3000 bricks and hopefully by mid June construction will start.
On Thursday the 6th of June Evans is going to Chimanimani, a town located in south-eastern Zimbabwe, close to the border with Mozambique.
There he will be visiting the “CHIKUKWA PROJECT”, a highly successful permaculture village established 20 years ago.

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