PORET Permaculture training in Chimanimani

Exciting news! 

Evans went to Chimanimani in the eastern part of Zimbabwe to participate in a permaculture training offered by PORET.

The PORET trust is a participatory project trust dedicated to support communities in the low rainfall areas in Zimbabwe by the adaptation of sustainable agricultural techniques that are disseminated by practical example and training, to address hunger, malnutrition, and poverty.

Find more information about the PORET trust on their official website here:

PORET has agreed to facilitate the introduction of Permaculture and agroecology in our rural communities.

Our first workshop will be a planning workshop that involves all stakeholders:

32 people selected from the 16 villages, Chief, District Administrator, Councillor, representatives of the village heads or traditional leaders, agriculture extension workers, teachers and Mangwende Orphan Care Trust personnel. 

The second workshop will be an introduction to Permaculture, 3rd will be a Permaculture design course and the fourth will be on how to implement the design. 

This is an important step and is going to prepare a good foundation for the agroforestry project.

Many thanks to all our supporters for the great help and assistance! 

Without you, our project wouldn’t be as successful as it is right now.

Thank you!


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