Africa Centre for Holistic Management – Workshop

Evans with 6 community members visited the Africa Centre for Holistic Management and the Soft Foot Alliance Trust.

Evans said:
“This workshop was an eye opener for me and my colleagues. We are hoping that sooner or later they will come to our community to train trainers.
They train regenerative farming and holistic management to communities, organisations, individuals and they also train trainers. They use livestock to regenerate ecology.
Mr Allan Savory’s main issue was Holistic Management. According to Mr Savoury climate change, megafires, desertification etc are caused by humans. The way we make decisions or manage causes all our problems. We need the right knowledge to manage nature, humans and economies. Regenerating our ecology will stop climate change. Animals or livestock does not cause desertification but the way we manage this causes problems because not all things that we manage are self organising. Practices such as regenerative farming, organic farming, permaculture, agroecology and many others are not solutions as they are not universal. They can work for others and fail in other areas.
They have a very simple conference room and dining room. Houses for guests, offices and outside toilets are also thatched. We also had access to the internet.
This is workshop is going to bear fruits as I am sure we are going to implement this type of farming.
It was the long journey that left us broke as our car broke down on our way to Victoria Falls.
We lost 2 tyres on our way back but overally it was a great workshop.”

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