edible forest garden

Good morning Dear Friends. We are raising funds for our edible forest garden to be able to plant in the rainy season so they will be able establish themselves when the draughty weather comes.
We are using canopy layers as the picture shows for the forest effect.
Mangoes are the highest trees in our list, orange and nut trees will be the middle layer, plums and peaches are the lower canopy fruit trees we will plant. Grapes and granadilla are climbers.
The trees apart from provide us with delicious food will act as wind breaks, help to prevent soil erosion, will create biomass and help with water management by recharging the water tables and reducing the need for irrigation.

We are looking to raise 580USD for the following trees:
The list of the trees and their prices:

Mangoes – 50 @ 2us
Oranges- 50@2us
Peaches- 10 @2us
Grapes- 20@ 3us
Granadilla- 20@ 3us
Plums – 20@3us
Nut trees – 60 @3us
Total- 580 us + 60 us transport.

All the trees are budded and grafted. We have our own pawpaw, moringa and avocado seedlings.
It will be good if we get grafted avocado as it will start flowering next year.
All our mangoes at Muzembe are flowering and a few oranges also do have flowers and tiny oranges.
The plantation also help to teach new skills to the community as we have plans to talk to the nursery man so that he can train our own staff budding and grafting of fruit trees.

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