Updates November 9

You might have seen our current project, to plant an edible forest and living fence at the Permaculture Education Centre area as well as on our smaller plot in Casino township.
Thankfully, to your donations and for getting our proposal accepted by the SEEDS community, we are able to buy over 250 fruit and indigenous trees for now.

We have started to work with SEEDS a few months ago with the aim to collaborate with other individuals and organizations, who are working on regenerative projects.
SEEDS being a cryptocurrency platform has the potential of providing and alternative, more stable currency to our national currency and we are investigating ways to implement its use in the local communities and with other organizations including PORET and The Soft Foot Alliance Trust we are working with.

“SEEDS is a new financial system helping bring about the Regenerative Renaissance and transforming this breakdown into a breakthrough to offer a more exciting, healthier and hopeful story for humanity. One where those who are doing the most good in the world make the most money — not the other way around.”

As the pictures show below, we have planted a variety of trees, including aloe, orange, banana, pawpaw, matofu (local fruit tree), cassava, indigenous grapes and medical herbs.
We are now preparing the land for the cuttings, including jatrofa, munhanzva and mundanhatsindi, and other tubers.
We will send more photos of Snot apples, Mazhanje, Tsubvu, Hute, Tsambatsi, Maroro and many more.
We have started hunting for medicinal trees, plants, herbs and indigenous fruit trees.
The temperatures are now very high and it only rained once in the village.
It is not raining and for the past 2 weeks the temperatures have been very high, which makes work more difficult.
Thanks for all your support and we will keep you posted about our progress.

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