Updates February 4

“Dear Supporters,

I hope the first month of the year took off with a promising start for you.
Unfortunately, we had been affected by the pandemic on personal level. My beloved mother passed away after catching the virus and our family had to be self-isolated for almost a month, as no health professional came to confirm our ‘recovered’ status.

During the quarantine time we saw the stigma associated with the disease and realized the effect it can have on children and the possible increase of child-headed families due to the loss of carers or parents of the children. This calls for the restructuring of the education, health and care system to be more inclusive and appropriate for those whom it serves.

The work on the plots continued during our absence, but we are hoping to get back to work ourselves soon once the lock down measures are eased.

We will continue with the construction of the huts for children and are focusing our fundraising efforts there. The huts need to be approved by the welfare authorities, therefore certain design elements and materials have to be used as listed below.

We are aiming to construct 5 huts in the first phase for an estimated $4,200/hut.

Thank you for your continuous support and please keep safe!”

Evans Mangwende

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