orphanage huts – ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign

– by Viktoria Szilvas

Dear Supporters,

In the past month we have progressed well on our fist orphanage hut, with the walls are now standing.
We are now going to look for the roofing materials, floor tiles, window panes and 2 frames, 4 doors and locks.

To accelerate our progress we are launching our ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign aiming to raise funds to finish the current hut and erect at least 4 more to allow a safe place for 20 orphans in the first stage.
Please consider supporting our efforts by donating through gofundme or via PayPal.
If donating Seeds, please use MANGWENDEOCT

£3 would enable us to buy 100 bricks
£5 would pay for 25 bundles of thatching grass
£10 for a box of tiles for the bathrooms
£15 for a slim window
£25 for a door

As always, thank you for your ongoing support. We will keep you updated of our progress.

Stay safe.

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