It’s been a busy past few months at MOCT and we have some exciting news to share: YOU too can contribute to magnify our impact! 

Firstly, we were delighted to welcome visitors from Denmark. Members of the UFF Humana People to People and Computergruppen Seniors Without Borders.
We wish to thank our partner, the Marondera Woman Organisation, for connecting us and their regular support.
As a result we were offered a number of computers and school material to assist our community in our learning programs.
We are very excited, but to proceed with the shipment due in August, we must first secure the adequate equipment to complete the teaching room (including power). We invite you all to help us raise the necessary $3000 by the end of this month.

Help us share our appeal: thanks for donating on either GoFundMe, PayPal or ask us for our multicurrency (Wise) bank transfer

Secondly, MOCT was awarded a small grant by Lush Re:Fund.
We would like to thank the Lush team for trusting the regenerative efforts of our organization.
The program, due to last one year, has already started with the meeting of the local chiefs and several distributions of diverse plants to the schools and households in our village and neighboring communities.
We soon will expand our reach further and hope to start teaching permaculture on our site, in collaboration with PORET, as soon as we finish erecting the gazebo funded by Lush.

Thirdly, some of our private donors (who sponsored our borehole last year) came over from the USA on a tour of Zimbabwe.
It was an honour to host them in one of our traditional mud walled thatched hut and show them how gaining access to water improved our activities.
We are especially grateful as they volunteered to assist us in our plant distribution event that took place during their visit and we are looking forward to seeing them again.

ADDED BONUS: Last but not least, as a sign of appreciation for your support, MOCT offers Seeds crypto-currency in exchange for any donation made this July (upon request).

With all our gratitude, 

Evans Mangwende and the whole MOCT team


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