Gaia Education Case Study

(Featured logo designed by Gaia Education) A group of four ladies from the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability course were working with the Mangwende Orphan Care Trust from September till December last year to help developing our vision of uplifting communities through Permaculture Education and Practices.We are going to analyze their recommendations and looking toContinue reading Gaia Education Case Study

South Africa, Renewable Energy and Irrigation

In order to have access to a renwable energy source, mainly for our irrigation system as well as other appliances onsite, Evans traveled to South Africa to buy a solar system, as prices from local suppliers in Zimbabwe are too high. Evans managed to buy a 6KVA/4000W Solar Kit including 4x batteries, 1x inverter andContinue reading South Africa, Renewable Energy and Irrigation

Official Crowdfunding Campaign – Mangwende Permaculture Center

Please support our official crowdfunding campaign! We are raising the much needed funds for the further development of the Mangwende Permaculture Center. Updates about the progress are being published on our website and on the crowdfunding website! Thank you for your support and help! Click here: ↓ Mangwende Permaculture Center – Official Crowdfunding Campaign onContinue reading Official Crowdfunding Campaign – Mangwende Permaculture Center

PORET Permaculture training in Chimanimani

Exciting news!  Evans went to Chimanimani in the eastern part of Zimbabwe to participate in a permaculture training offered by PORET. The PORET trust is a participatory project trust dedicated to support communities in the low rainfall areas in Zimbabwe by the adaptation of sustainable agricultural techniques that are disseminated by practical example and training, to address hunger,Continue reading PORET Permaculture training in Chimanimani